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simplefind3-dog.png(370 bytes)SimpleFind3 is the search tool for your Amiga. It is the successor of the known SimpleFind. With SimpleFind3 you should be able to do everything you would expect from a search programm, but probably also more ;-)

Some important features

  • Allows searching by name, comment, size, date, protection bits, datatype and contents
  • Amiga OS patterns can be used in path, name, comment and contents search criteries
  • Can compare files with each other
  • Copy, delete, rename, or view the found files
  • Support external Archivers (LhA and LZX) to archive the found files
  • Support external Dearchivers (LhA, LZX, Zip, TGZ)
  • Indexfiles to speed up searching
  • Configurable Main Window and Result Window
  • Presetable Searchgroups
  • An ARexx Port and many script examples


simplefind3.lzx234.7 KB(Version 1.2: 21.2.2000)

System requirements

SimpleFind3 only runs on systems where at least OS 3.0 is installed. Furthermore it needs MUI 3.8 together with the NList (0.89) MUI-Custom-Class


simplefind3-main-preview.png(5109 bytes)simplefind3-result-preview.png(2936 bytes)
Main WindowResult Window

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