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Ok, it seems that you are really intrested in this boring here we go!

I originally used to live in Kahla in Germany. If you don't know where Kahla is situated, it's a small town near Jena, where I was born somewhen at February back in the year 1980. Jena is probably one of the famoust cities in the German federal state "Thuringa", the so-called green heart of germany.

All my school time I spent in Kahla. After succesful attending the school Staatliches Gymnasium Kahla (now also know as Leuchtenburg Gymnasium) and getting the Abitur in 1998 I followed the usual way of a german guy to do my military service. But having nothing for weapons I rather decided to do the "Zivildienst", a replacemant service.

Then finally I started studying. While it never was a question in what subject I'm going to try to get a diploma it was not clear where I'm doing it. However as I don't really wanted to go far away I had only some choices. I decided for the TU-Ilmenau with the ulterior motive being not too near at home ;)

One adventage of Ilmenau for me was that you have do a practical semester which is rather uncommon for an university. I spent this time in B÷blingen near Stuttgart and worked for IBM. It was quite a good exprience for me, especially in seeing how the real world works.

Eventually, on 11th January in 2005 I successfully passed my defence of my diploma thesis which was the last step in my studies.

Since may of the very same year I have started to do my PhD while I'm working at the CharitÚ Universitńtmedizin Berlin.

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