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SimpleHTML allows you to view HTML Files offline. It is useful to show smaller HTML files quickly (for instance as MIME Viewer for HTML files in YAM). But it supports only a little subset of the HTML Tags. Also a simplehtml.datatype is available.


simplehtml-os3.lha41.8 KB(Version 0.18: 14.2.2005)
simplehtml_dtc-os4.lha67.1 KB(Version 0.18: 14.2.2005)
simplehtml-os4.lha82.9 KB(Version 0.18: 14.2.2005)
simplehtml_dtc-os3.lha38.4 KB(Version 0.18: 14.2.2005)

System requirements

SimpleHTML's requirements are minimal. You only need at least OS3.0. To view embedded pictures you also need some installed picture datatypes.


simplehtml-corona-preview.png(5592 bytes)simplehtml-bh-preview.png(6985 bytes)
showing the Corona Newslettershowing Benjamin Hussongs Homepage

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